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Rental is $250 Per Week, With a $150 Shipping Fee, (Includes Return Shipping)

         *** Shipping will be Calculated in the Total Cost at Checkout                                                                            After Shipping Info is Entered***


- Rental period is effective when product is delivered

    to your residence


- Rodenator Rental program is for Continental US

    customers only


- Rentals Include Complete System Including Hoses,

   Regulators Instructions, and Safety Equipment -


All Rental Fees Can be Applied toward The Purcase of a New Rodenator

Within Six Months After the Effective Rental Period .   

All Shipping Charges are Not Included.


R1 System Rental

Rental Duration


       Our rental system allows you to apply your rental expenses toward your purchase.  At the end of the term, you either keep it or ship it back to us at no additional charge.

           If you are unsure which model fits your needs and preferences best, consult with one of our representatives over the phone or rent each model before you purchase your Rodenator of choice.