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Rodenator has been in operation for over 18 years producing the only one-piece concussive force unit in the marketplace. We strive to produce a professional grade product that continues to be distributed worldwide. 


Recently we experienced a major embezzlement and theft of assets from an employee named Jamie Marie Beckman who had been working under a fiduciary contractual relationship. This has forced us to temporarily suspend the processing of orders through the web site. This drastic step was required as Jamie Beckman redirected Rodenator payments to her personal Pay Pal account and was not shipping paid orders.

Jamie Beckman also changed all of the Administrative passwords on the Microsoft 365, Wix, Merchant Services and Rodenator PayPal accounts. She continued to take orders after being served court documents to both Cease and Desist and a Revocation of Power of Attorney. These two court documents eliminated her of any association with the parent company E.B. Meyer Inc, DBA E.B. Meyer Industries, and DBA Rodenator. Despite her revocation; she continued to process orders, erroneously claim entitlement to all company assets and is blocking the stockholders and personnel from operating the business as usual.

These charges are well documented with both the Gem County Idaho Sheriff’s Office and Emmett Idaho Police Department. Charges of Grand Theft and Embezzlement have been elevated to the State of Idaho Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

Additional litigation resulted in favor of the plaintiff Fabrizi) in Civil Case (CV18-23-0907) Fabrizi vs. Jamie Marie Beckman


In an effort to protect Rodenators valued customers during this challenging period please refer to the contacts below. 



1: Customers who have paid for an order and have not received the product ordered:

Please contact Corporal Chad Payne, Gem County Idaho Sheriff’s Departments through dispatch at 208- 365-3521 or Email

You can also contact Officer Mike Flores at the Emmett Idaho Police Department. Please call dispatch at 208-365-3521 or email

With the busy schedule of the Sheriffs and Police officers; Dispatch will often offer to write up an “EVENT REPORT” and present it to them upon return from duty. Please ask dispatch to refer the report to both Corporal Payne and Officer Flores. Either or both will contact you back for future discussion after which they will create an “INCIDENT REPORT”. Incident reports may be forwarded to the Idaho Prosecuting Attorney’s office. Please insure you request that a copy of the Incident Report. It will include the date, time and a report number. Please forward this information to Thank You.

Generally; dispatch or the officer will ask you to briefly described the situation, nature of the damage you sustained; and date it occurred. If the product you ordered was placed with Jamie Beckman please include the account information used to process the order. Any and all supporting documentation will greatly facilitate expediting a refund or product.

2: International Distributors: Please contact Gary Fabrizi at


3: Rodenator parts and service:


4: Sales:

We apologize for this inconvenience. In 18 years of business Rodenator has never previously experienced a data breach.

All calls and emails will be responded to promptly.

Thank You for your continued patronage

Gary Fabrizi