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For 18 years Rodenator produced the finest and only one- piece concussive force rodent eliminating device in the marketplace. Rodenators shipped world wide and set a new high-water mark in the industry.

Rodenator experienced a major embezzlement and theft of assets by the CEO and Director of Operations.

The company formally known as Rodenator filed for dissolution with the Secretary of State of Idaho in July of 2019.

The E.B. Myer Inc. (DBA Rodenator) stockholders and board of directors approved the sale of certain assets to a 3rd party Rodent Eliminator.

Rodent Eliminator:

Rodent Eliminator's goal is to develop, manufacture, and market the highest quality, most proven, effective, dependable, and state of the art portfolio of innovative products and training for the humane control of rodents and disruption of the burrow complex.

Annually over 49 Billion dollars of agricultural crop losses are caused by burrowing pests. This does not include the damage to buildings or injuries to animals and people.

The technology of mixing oxygen and propane to create a concussive force remains the most humane and only means of collapsing the burrow and tunnel systems. If tunnel systems are not collapsed your neighbor’s rodents will love the vacated accommodations.

Rodent Eliminator has been busy building on the foundation of prior Rodenator technology and locating in Colorado. New rebranded products will be available at

  • New technological improvements have been made and field tested
  • Production of new upgraded units is approaching commencement
  • Several new accessories to address larger, multiple exit tunneling systems are being announced

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