The Rodenator assists landowners with the removal of burrowing pests. Rodenator customers use our pest control products on the following pests: voles, moles, gophers, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, rabbits, armadillos, marmots (rock chucks, ground hogs, wood chucks), badgers, foxes, and coyotes.

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The Rodenator is offered in three models. All three models work under the same principles of delivering a precisely measured mixture of propane and oxygen into the tunnel or burrow of invasive pests. This mixture is then either manually or remotely detonated by the operator, causing an instantaneous underground concussive shockwave that eliminates the targeted pest and often (species specific) collapses the existing tunnel thus inhibiting reinfestation.

Each Rodenator model can be used on virtually any targeted underground pest. However, we would be happy to recommend the model that best suits your needs.

Factory Direct – Worldwide Distribution – Organically Safe Pest Control

The Rodenator client list includes homeowners, farmers, ranchers, horse owners, vineyards, orchard owners, nurseries, and tree growers. We also provide the Rodenator to commercial and municipal establishments such as golf courses, airports, city parks, public schools, ditch masters, and canal companies. We provide Rodenator Business Opportunities to entrepreneurs looking to establish viable pest control businesses both stateside and overseas.

Organically and Environmentally Friendly – Pest Control – Safe and Effective

We are based in the rural town of Emmett, Idaho USA. We use our knowledge and experience to deliver the best, safest, most cost effective, and environmentally friendly pest control product of its type on the market today. Each Rodenator has been hand-crafted in our own local manufacturing facility; quality control checked before packaging, and comes with a two year Limited Manufacturers’ Warranty to the original purchaser.

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